Analytics is the data about the traffic to your website.

This is an extremely important thing people! If you don't know your analytics, you're hurting yourself! Also, it's free. Well as long as you know how to use Google Analytics.

Why is it so darn important?

  1. Page views: How many people are visiting your website? Unique vs repeat? How long are they on your site for? When and where are they leaving?
  2. Content: What are the most popular pages? 
  3. Referrals: Where is your traffic coming from? Is the Facebook campaigning you've been soooo obsessed with lately even working? Oh, it is? Ok, never mind then.
  4. Visiting Hours: What time of day is your traffic the highest?

Don't you see why this information is so important?

It literally explains what your traffic is doing with your website. It's like you're looking at your traffic... from the other side of their computer. Creepy, kinda.

Still don't get it?

Let's say you have restaurant. A polish restaurant. You've been posting pictures and telling everyone about your naleśniki (crepey awesome polish wrap) and your makowiec (poppy seed, nut roll goodness) but, gee golly, everyone is going to your blog posts getting to your website from your Facebook posts about golobkis. This tells us a couple things:

  1. Either no one cares about your nalesniki and makowiec or you're not promoting them the same way you are your golobkis.
  2. You can put more effort into your golobkis. Try different varieties. Sell a frozen version. We have so many golobki ideas!

Point is, your analytics are important. We can help you read them.

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