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Coast Controls has received over 120 leads from their website since the beginning of 2015. When you ask them, "how's business going?", they will tell you sales and production is up this year. Could it be the new website? 


Coast Controls is a Sarasota based manufacturer of all-air web guides. Their previous website was painfully slow (5-20 second page loads), offered inaccurate information, was missing a lot of product information and they had a hard time communicating with their web company.

Web Emissary offered a solution for all of these problems and more. The latest iteration of the loads fast, is updated regularly with accurate and new product info and they now have a web company they can hang out with after hours (us!).

Additionally, they now have a contact form that allows visitors to find their representative around the country. When the form is submited, that sales rep recieves the lead, makes the sale and everyone makes money. There's more though. We added a downloads page that allows customers find the particular part they need and download design files about the products. Sales reps are also notified of the downloads so they can follow up with the lead.



"I must say this is a very impressive site and I must commend all that were involved.

You can definitely tell the time and thought that has been put into this project.

One that we are going to be very proud of when directing customers to it."

 Thomas Marks, President of Coast Controls


In addition to their website, Coast Controls sends out thousands of product brochures to printing companies around the world. Similar to their website predicament, they needed an updated brochure with new information. We designed a 24 page product catalog for Coast Controls. That's a lot of information to gather.

"I just received my box of the brochures and I have to tell you that in my
15 years at Coast, it seems we have finally put together the
best product brochure that I can remember.

It is very well laid out and packed with good informative
product information that flows well from front to back.

Photos and drawings are clean and sharp reflecting the quality work we do.

I am proud of this brochure. Job well done!"

  Thomas Marks, President of Coast Controls


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