Your goals as a golfer become my goals as well.
The time to improve is now. has generated over 100 clinic registrations and over 120 new email subscribers. That is new business that would not have been possible without a new website.


The main goal of the Conaway Golf website redesign was to simplify the website and allow Tim Conaway to update content himself. As a solo business operator, he understands the importance of a website and the ability to change it on the fly.

Web Emissary built a clinic registration system that allows Tim to create new golf clinics on his own and lets his students register online. With this, Tim can track his clinic participation online and analyze statistics to optimize his business.

We've also helped Tim streamline his email marketing campaigns. His weekly emails are finding new readers who are spending more time on on them email and on the website.



"I am a beginning golfer and have just discovered your site while searching for a course to take lessons. I am totally impressed with everything I have seen and read and can't wait to give you a call about a lesson/clinic. How exciting!"

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