A sucker for every job.
A job for every sucker.

Rudow has received over 250 leads from their website over the last 12 months. These leads are coming from customers they've never and from parts of the world they've never sold to. 


William B. Rudow is a Sarasota based manufacturer and distributor of vacuum cups. Their previous website was static and did not allow their customers to browse parts online.

Rudow offers more than 1600 different vacuum cups, many of which are only different by less than a millimeter in size. How would anyone be able to find these cups?

Web Emissary developed a beautiful, searchable, sortable data driven website that allows visitors to pinpoint the cups they need. We also added the ability to directly request a quote that immediately sends the sales team a Rudow an email with the name of the wanted cup.



"Just wanted to thank you again for all your help on the website. We've received numerous large companies as new clients and we just started selling to new customers in China, Italy, South Africa, Czech Rep, and more.

This website helps me (and gives me a reason) to ask for a raise so, I owe you a few drinks next time we're out."



Web Emissary helped Rudow, a company on top of their industry, create more separation from their competition, increase sales and pave a road of growth for the future. Of course, we couldn't have done it if Rudow didn't offer such a great product.

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