Marketing Management

You know you should be blogging, updating Facebook, collecting email addresses, sending email marketing campaigns, researching competitors, researching your industry, creating new pages on your website, digging into your statistics, promoting upcoming events, and responding to social media comments. 

But you haven't been doing it. Of course not. It takes time, research, knowledge and skill that you don't have time for or you don't want to hire and train for.

Web Emissary will provide these services on a regular basis.

Why keep up with online and inbound marketing?

All those services I mentioned above require any overhead cost: no special equipment, no printing and no physical resources. However, they are your best resource for communicating with your people, selling more and providing better service.

Why hire a company instead of a new employee?


How much would you hire someone to blog, research, post and promote? You want to try to find someone for 3-10 hours a week so maybe $250 - $500 a month. Let's be real for a minute. How dedicated will this person be to your company, message and customers? How much technical and social knowledge do you expect this person to have? How good of a job do you think they will really provide?

You will spend more money hiring a part time employee for your online marketing needs than hiring us. We provide tailored, strict plans and schedules for your business that is measured so you continually see the value of our services.


Marketing online requires website development skill and experience. You can post on Facebook and Instagram without writing code, but you will not be able to send quality emails, create quality web pages or new functionality to your website without code. 

When you hire someone to do web work that isn't a web developer, you end up paying for two people and a noncohesive process. The person you hire researches to figure out that some amount of code needs to be written and they can't do it. Then they tell you that you need find someone to write code. Once you find a personal, they will tell you that is obvious and will wonder why you are paying someone to tell you this.

Save yourself time and money. Hire an expert in online marketing.

Missing out on opportunity

An experienced online marketer knows how to research your website, provide insight and execute improvement. Additionally, they will measure the changes to show that the improvements are actually worth paying for. 

This requires specialized knowledge you can't find on the street or Craigslist.

What are you waiting for? Start marketing smarter.

We are available for your marketing needs. Contact us today to learn about what we can do for you.


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