Mobile Websites

Every website we build is mobile and responsive. Responsive websites respond to the width of the device people are using to view your website.

For example, a website will look different on a desktop computer than a phone.


  • User experience (UX) - When all the elements of your website (menu, images, text size, videos, etc) can adjust to the size of your device, they will be easier to view and interact with.
  • Speed - Certain parts of the website can be hidden and not load on mobile devices. This makes your website load faster and doesn't anger your visitors.
  • Interaction - The way people use their hands with websites varies for device. On a desktop, you're rocking a keyboard and mouse or touchpad. On a phone or tablet, you're only using your phalanges.

The point of the story is, we build websites for phones. We wouldn't be in this business if we didn't.

Thank you for checking out the Web Emissary website. We do good stuff with the web and we'll do good stuff for you.

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