It's not enough to just build a website. It needs to be optimized.

Optimization is fancy web talk for making sure:

  1. Search engines can find you.
  2. Your website is interesting.

1. Search Engines Need To Be Able To Find You

Search engines are computers. They can't express feelings and react with emotion. As a developer, it's our job to communicate with them so they can interact with you, the human. To do this, we use modern, semantic HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. 

Our websites talk to search engines behind the scenes so your human traffic can find you.

But, search engines are smart now-a-days. They can't be fooled now like they could a few years ago. They can read through your content and make sure it's interesting. Which leads us to the next part of optimization.

2. Your Website Needs To Be Interesting

First and foremost, if your website doesn't say anything interesting or helpful, you won't show up on the first few pages of Google or Bing.

Google is basically a referral source for information. It doesn't actually provide you with information, it provides you with a map to the place with the information.

If you search Google for "Top 10 Brad Pitt movies", Google, isn't going to give you the answer. They will point you to an article on IMDB or RottenTomatoes or BuzzFeed. 

You want to be these top articles. 

They are the top because they have proven over time that they provide good quality, interesting information.

Let's Get Optimized

We can help you optimize your website. This will include a report on your website's current status and a roadmap on where you should be going. We can even help you get there.

Contact us to get your customized roadmap started.

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