We are proud to talk about the software we use.

Our CMS: Accrisoft Freedom

Accrisoft is a software company that develops a content management system here in Sarasota. Freedom has been developed for over 14 years and services thousands of sites around the web. 

The development of Freedom is never outsourced and provides free upgrades to improve functionality and security. Why is this so cool?

  1. No more broken websites when upgrading.
  2. Your website doesn't have plugins built by developers in India, Russia, Philippines or even California. Also, we don't use plugins built by crazy, genius high schools or college students who won't be around when you need support. Actually, we don't use plugins at all, so don't worry about it.

Think about it as cohesive development. This is something that's hard to come across.

Since Freedom has been in active development for so long, it provides all the functionality you need in one place. Here is a short list of what your website will be able to do when built with Freedom:

  • Blogging and Webpages: Create an unlimited number of pages and posts. Add photos, videos and more to each page and post.
  • Strong SEO functionality: Provide unique meta information for each page and post. You can even customize the meta information for social media using Open Graph and Freedom.
  • Event Management: Create and promote events with searchable calendars and lists. Add registration forms to collect attendee information and payment for events. Forget about paying individual event fees for each ticket.
  • Email marketing: Are you paying for email marketing now? With Freedom, your subscribers and lists can be managed and you can send to tens of thousands of subscribers a month. We use comanpanies like mailgun and Mandrill to safely send emails. You can even collect and analyse stats within your Freedom dashboard.
  • Mobile Web development: Every website we design and develop is optimized for mobile use. Actually it's the first thing we consider when designing a new website.
  • Built in Google Analytics: Track your web traffic right from your website. Get your most important statistics without having to explore the vast universe of Google Analytics.


Our Hosting: Yup, the Cloud

What does this even mean? Cloud hosting is not the same as your photo storage on your phone. Our cloud hosting is a dynamic environment specifically for Freedom websites. This level of hardware and software integration means greater reliability and performance for you. Websites hosted by Web Emissary are hosted in premier secure hosting facilities utilizing triple data backups.

Your website is on servers that are easily monitored for performance and allows us to safely upgrade your website and update hosting specifications on the fly.

Basically, the cloud is faster and more secure than you thought possible.


Web Development: Futureproof

We use modern coding techniques like HTML5, CSS3 and javascript. This means your website will meet Google and BIng expectations. The big search engines know what good, modern code looks like and we give it to them.

Your website won't need to be redesigned in a 6 months or year or even 2 years. Your website will live long.


Thank you for checking out the Web Emissary website. We do good stuff with the web and we'll do good stuff for you.

We really like to meet new people and talk to businesses. Give us a call or send us an email if you have questions about the web.

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